Seven Important Dating Lessons to Know During Bank Holiday

Many people enter into dating with a rather naïve attitude towards the experience. They are so trusting of the people they date that it is always a shock for them to discover that it was all a lie. Following are seven dating lessons that you need to know to become a dating expert.

  • If someone keeps flaking on you and says they are too busy, then they are not serious about you.


One important thing that you should always remember is that if someone really likes you, they will make the time to spend with you. When they keep making excuses, that means they do not really care about you. No one is too busy to come up with five minutes during the day to text you. Even if they happen to be sincerely that busy, a person who truly cares about you will apprise you of their situation rather than string you along with half-ass dating and rarely contacting you. The point is that if you are not important enough to rate a three to five minute phone call out of 24 hours, they do not really care about you and it is time to kick them to the curb. Why waste your time on someone who does not deserve it?


  • People treat you the way you allow them to.


Have you ever dated an older man who works a lot? If so, you may have noticed that he typically would cut short your date, plan all activities around his schedule, and may have even blamed you if something did not go right between the two of you. If this happened to you, why did you stay with him after the first time he tried to lord things over you? It is ok if you did because what usually happens is that women make excuses for his rude actions along with simply ignoring all of the red flags that went up around this man. You may have even started to doubt yourself and believe that you were the one in the wrong. Actually, the only thing you might have done wrong is not stand up for yourself often enough. This man can only treat you badly if you allow him to do so. He probably knew that you would tolerate his rude actions. Do not waste your time on men like these. They will hold you back and keep you unhappy.


  • When someone tells you something about themselves; believe what they say.

“I’m just an average guy.” “I really do not do well with dating.” “I’m so busy these days, I probably won’t have time to devote to a relationship.”  When they say it, they know it. Putting you off is not something they care about. So if someone tells you these things, believe them and run away as fast as you can. That is, unless you just want a one night stand. Then go for it and leave.


  • If a guy shows you that he does not care, then he truly does not care about you.


Many women date guys that do not treat them in the best way. In fact, they might just suddenly vanish on you, leaving you to wonder what you did wrong. Then, when these men reappear, they treat you horrible and you feel as if he is just covering up his genuine feelings for you. That way of thinking could not be more wrong. If a man is mean to you, it means that he does not care about you at all. Besides, you might have already decided that if a man really likes you, he would not have disappeared in the first place. You may remember your parents telling you that actions speak louder than words. They were not wrong. Actions are what mean the most. Look closely at how a guy treats you. His actions will tell you everything you need to know.


  • Drinking too much alcohol on the first few dates is a bad idea.


Typically, when there is too much alcohol involved on a date, it will probably lead to sex. You might even drunkenly signal that you are fine with being a sex buddy without realizing what you are doing. When you drink too much, you will most likely lose control of your actions and end up with disastrous results. Usually, when you have a few first dates, you want to keep them short with lighthearted fun. When both people are sober, they can reliably get a fair view of each other.


  • Be honest and up front regarding your expectations and things will be much simpler.


If both of you know what the expectations of the relationship are, then you can see if you are both on the same page. You will not have to worry about leading anyone on because you have been honest with your intentions. If your communication has been clear, you will either have the relationship you want, or you can both go your separate ways with no hard feelings.


  • If you are not getting what you need in a romantic relationship, you need to change things.


Think of life as a huge experiment. When you show yourself to be different, people will act differently to you. To get what you want, you cannot keep doing things the same way. You need to look at what you might be doing wrong or where you can make changes. If you continue to do the same things repeatedly, you will never find that ideal relationship. Keep in mind that you will still make mistakes from time to time. That is actually a good thing, though, because it will remind you of the mistakes you made in the past

The best advice to follow when you are dating and trying to find a loving relationship is to be positive. Move forward and do not hold on to the past. You will find the “Right One” when the time is right.


My advice is that, be positive, stop crying over spilt milk and think about what could be done instead. Finally, embrace yourself. At. All. Time.