Learning to Trust When Dating

There is usually a reason when you meet someone new or agree to meet them. Sometimes it is because you need something from these people such as a favor or you simply find it to be fun with them. Maybe you are seeking a new career opportunity. It might be speed dating night and you hope you will meet someone who will suddenly fall in love with you for the person you are.

What you probably ignore when you decide to jump into that sea of dating, whether it is speed dating, blind dating or online dating, all of you seem to have trust in a very limited amount while holding onto a huge amount of protection and barriers. The reasons for these trust issues tend to relate to previous negative dating experiences that you cannot help but carry with you. Even if you are staring at a shiny new gorgeous man standing right in front of you giving you a sexy smile.

While it may be difficult, you can meet new people who are not like those people you could not previously trust. Get used to meeting and mingling with new people. You cannot slip into an ideal dating situation as long as you continue to feel anxious, nervous, and blush while acting like a jerk. This just makes people uncomfortable and feel as if you think you are superior to them. Following are the three vital steps in learning to trust people and assist you in improving your dating process.

  • Learn to build relationships no matter who the person is.

Everyone is totally spoiled lately when it comes to gaining instant gratification. If you are hungry, you eat someone right then. If you are tired, you take a nap without even thinking about it. When you feel unloved, you head to the internet to find out how many men you can attract.

That is all great and wonderful for shopping and social media where everything has a typical immediate response. On the other hand, relationships are a lot different. It takes patience, time, determination and understanding someone else’s point of view. Most important of all, you need to accept that it is fine for someone else to have a different perspective to you.

Now, where should you start? What about your friends and family? When is the last time you have seen them? Did you pay attention to their stories, complaints or issues? Were you happy to be a part of their world? If you do not want to take the time to involve your energy and time in the lives of others, why would they want to do the same for you? After all, fair is fair.

  • Learn to enjoy the company of a stranger.

It might sound like a simple thing to do, but people are so tightly wound in their lives and the way they live them that change is a bit difficult. In fact, they typically have such rigid schedules that they do not go anywhere that will allow them to meet someone new. If they do go out, it is usually with close friends. When you continue things this way, how will you ever meet someone new?

The simplest way is to add something new to your schedule that will put you in the company of strangers. Try signing up for a class in something that you are interested in learning how to do. Some ideas are writing, photography, wine tasting and, possibly, something to do with music or acting. If you are in the company of strangers with your same interests, there is an excellent chance of meeting someone promising and exciting.

  • Learn to enjoy the company of the opposite gender, no matter what your preference of sexual gender.


Step three is intensely important because any future dates you have will come with friends, sisters, and brothers. You will want to be polite to them while also feeling comfortable around them.


In this step, you must use your imagination. Again, you can use the part about taking classes only this time is a bit different. You will sign up for something where you will definitely meet people of the opposite gender. For example, take a class of some sport activity. Most women like such things as book clubs, drawing classes, cooking classes, art classes, and running clubs. They also enjoy writing, photography, yoga, and wine tasting. On the other hand, guys tend to like snowboarding and skiing, paintballing, music producing, cycling, bouldering, poker, fishing, beer brewing, sailing and investing.


This will allow you to be more gender balanced so you can have a great chance to meet    someone special.  If you have successfully finished all of these steps, you might just be enjoying your third date by now.