Christmas Dating Tips – How to Avoid Dating Problems at Christmas

As the holiday season is, literally, right around the corner, you may be interested in some dating tips, specifically when it comes to Christmas. There are various types of issues that might come up when dating during the holiday season, but they do not have to be serious. It totally depends on how you choose to handle any of these issues that you may or may not confront during the holidays.  Following are some Christmas dating tips that you may find to be rather useful this holiday season:


  • Try to avoid dating someone new: Typically, meeting someone new and going on a date with them is not the greatest of ideas during the holidays. Obviously, there are many reasons that this might work but, for the most part, the holidays are meant to be enjoyed with family and close friends. When you first meet someone, you will be trying to get to know each other better and see whether you would like to take things further. With all of the excitement as well activity surrounding Christmas celebrations, it is not the best time to make life changing decisions such as deciding if you have just met the love of your life or not. Many families and friends like to play match maker, so please try to get in front of that happening to you.
  • Do not introduce your partner to your family for the first time: Now, this one can have a little wiggle room if you have been talking about your partner to your family and friends for a while. Usually, Christmas is not the ideal time to introduce someone new to your family because of all the activity and anxiety that comes with Christmas. Yes, it is a wonderful time of year, but there are gifts to be given, food to be prepared, and parties to be attended. In addition, your partner may not actually like being around a lot of strangers during Christmas. Try to pick a less stressful time to introduce your love to your family and friends.
  • Discuss whether you will exchange gifts: Obviously, if you are already a couple, you probably already know what each other likes. That means you will have the gift exchange figured out by now. On the other hand, if you have only been dating someone for a few days or a few weeks, a gift may not be required. If gifts are exchanged after a very short time of dating, they should probably be more impersonal rather than something personal.
  • Hit up a restaurant for Christmas dinner: Lots of people have been raised with the idea of family dinners held at Christmas. This means lots of cooking and cleaning up after the meal. If you and your person of interest live far away from your families, choosing to have dinner on Christmas at a restaurant that is specializing in something like this may be a better idea. You do not have to cook and clean. All you have to do is get dressed up, go to the restaurant, enjoy a calm, leisurely dinner, and come back home. This allows you to spend a lot more quality time with each other.
  • Go easy on the alcohol: Everyone knows that consuming a glass of wine or champagne during the holidays is normal.  After all, it is a time of celebration. However, knowing your alcohol limit is imperative to enjoying a date at Christmas. Alcohol can lower your inhibitions as well as raise your voice. Being drunk is not attractive to anyone. You run the risk of appearing loud and foolish, acting inappropriately, and generally just embarrassing yourself. There is also a strong chance that you will end up getting sick in front of everyone due to being drunk. Now, is anyone going to want to kiss you after seeing that? Would you want to kiss anyone who had just been sick? Probably not.
  • Compromise: If you and your partner have been together for a long while or a short while, the question of where the two of you will be spending Christmas is going to arise.  If your families live in the same vicinity, it is quite possible for you to make it to both families celebrations. On the other hand, if your families live significantly far from you, your partner or both; there may need to be a discussion as to how you will divide your holiday time. A compromise is nearly always necessary unless there are some special circumstances involved. It might be that you will have to alternate who you will spend Christmas with each year. For instance, you may need to spend Thanksgiving at one family’s house and Christmas at the other one’s house. Then, the next year you will just swap. There is always a compromise of some sort to be made.



Keep things stress free and fun to have a wonderful holiday!

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